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A Non-Profit Organization for Child Abuse Survivors Learning to Thrive

Parenting After Abuse

Child and Youth Health

The Child and Youth Health is part of the Women’s and Children’s Heath Network (WCHN), which “promotes the health, well-being and development of children, young people and families”. The website has a variety of information on pregnancy, parenting, child and teen health.
Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse – Pregnancy – Link
Parenting Style – Link
Attachment – Link


Cyberbullying Guide for Parents

This is a thorough guide on cyberbullying, including what it is, how it can be prevented and what can be done if your child experiences cyberbullying.


Living, Loving and Parenting with Mental Illness

This is an article on parenting with mental illness, written by Maggie Ethridge, who has lived experience.


Mama Bear Effect

This organisation aims to prevent child sexual abuse through education and campaigning. Information available on their website includes signs of abuse in children, parenting as a survivor and ways to empower children.


Parent Talk

This website offers a variety of resources on parenting, with information from experts and fellow parents. This includes a blog and podcasts on topics including separation anxiety and children’s behaviour.


Stop Cyberbullying Guide

The guide provides cyberbullying statistics, a quiz and a printable certificate of completion.


Tips for Parenting with a Mental Illness

This is an article on parenting with mental illness, which offers numerous tips and suggested additional resources.


Why Aren’t Trauma Survivors Warned that Parenthood may be a PTSD Trigger?


This is an article, written by Dawn Daum, about her experiences as a survivor and parent with PTSD.