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Re: New Forum

Post by ChipmunksRunFree »

today I remembered that months back I received an email from you, Jonesy, informing me of this new addition to iSurvive. and I felt sad to have forgotten about the email, buried in my junkyard of a mailbox. what a wonderful new forum.
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Re: New Forum

Post by Jonesy »

Thanks ChipmunksRunFree - it's great to see your name 8-)
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Re: New Forum

Post by Bigsean »

Self care is anything you Like/Love doing
Dancing, singing, walking, nature, favorite meal/ movie, drawing, painting, driving with all the windows down, painting your nails, batting cages, etc. Try to think about what really soothes You. I hope you find several go to self care routines to help you through the tough times. Be kind to yourself❤

Re: New Forum

Post by radladfly »

Thank you for posting kokoschka! In the last couple of months, I learned some horrifying details that my baby girls went through while I was a single mother trying to race for baby girls. I have really struggled with forgiving myself. I love them so much and I want them to have a happy life. When I'm stuck in the place of guilt and worry and regret. I don't want to do any self care. I appreciate your post and I used to dance a lot a lot as a young girl.
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