Emotional, Physical, Verbal Abuse by Ex-Boyfriend

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Emotional, Physical, Verbal Abuse by Ex-Boyfriend

Post by cakecrust »

My Ex-Boyfriend was very violent. He would throw my stuffs to the ground. I think he's trying to control me.

On the short while, he was my dream man. He tick all the box. I think he's just trying to manipulate me. He was sweet at first. Before he started to call me "dumb, idiot, stupid".

He think he was the smartest and basically thinks the society is stupid. He was just trying to get my trust. So I would do anything he wants. I became his pawn, I was attacking parents, family, friends. And I start to isolate from friends and family (social abuse).

The abuse started. He started by shouting, it didn't start violent cause if so, I would have left earlier. The abuse started small. Then he started stealing my stuff, gaslighting. He knew I have no one so he become braver. Sadly speaking, he was a man with a lot of potential, but he started abusing me. Then it happened, he hit me.

After he hit me, I ran away. I wasn't going to let someone who hit me become my husband. I started taking therapy. I go to local domestic violence shelter. I try to calm my mind. Try to not let the abuse get to me.

But the abuse leave a lot of wound. Perhaps I will never heal. But that's okay, I'm out now and I can explore life's infinite possibilities. I do not have to come back to him. I can embrace my new life. Learning to trust the society again.

I think I have to change identity and change who I am.

I think I'm gonna be okay.

I hope I can keep going.

I hope I didn't remember him again.

I hope I can move on.

I hope I can have people love me and stand beside me.

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Re: Emotional, Physical, Verbal Abuse by Ex-Boyfriend

Post by Featherlight »

Hello cakecrust

I hope you are ok. I hope you are keeping going and moving on with your life. You were brave to run away and keep yourself safe. I would like to stand beside you. Take good care of yourself.
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