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Re: Saying Hi

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Hi Faith,
If you are who I think you are, your blog has been a huge piece of my journey. Glad to hear how you are now and how much meaning you are making out of your suffering.
Blue Orchid
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Re: Saying Hi

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Hello Faith,

A girl named Faith saved my life because she SAW me and chose to be kind and to listen to me. Her kindness was God’s answer to a desperate prayer I’d prayed less than two minutes before she SAW me. I was thirteen years old and going home from a bad day in school to take my own life with my father’s handgun. I’d stared down the barrel of that gun before and walked away. I was not going to walk away that day. I still know it all these years later. Faith really did save my life.

Faith probably didn’t know that I was suicidal that day. I didn’t tell her. She simply saw a young girl in pain and paid attention. I never spoke to her after that fateful day, but I’ve never forgotten her kindness or the difference she made in my life. Just wanted to say thanks to YOU, someone else called Faith, who is reaching out to hurting people. You may never know how much of a difference your kindness will make in someone’s life. But, you ARE making a difference. Please, keep up the good work, no matter how hard it gets. What you’re doing may be more important than you know.

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