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Many books

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Years ago I read the following books. I still have them.

Come Here, by Richard Berezin (sp?) He became the president of American University. His previous childhood abuse was mind-blanked, and did not come to light until he was an adult.

Protecting the Gift, by Gavin DeBecker. Good advice for those who are worried about their children and how to give (sort of) yourself and them some room to safely explore. It does give some good tips. I got this many years ago, though I do not agree with his assertion about the low numbers of child abductions. The number is much much higher than he claims.

The End of the World as we Know it (I forget the author's name, though I just re-read it!). Very powerful and sad account of the author's childhood and the covering up of the abuse by his mother and father. If you need a good cry read this book.
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