Getting back to healing

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Getting back to healing

Post by Shivty »

I have all these amazing ways to deal with life and I'm just sitting around doing nothing. This is the stuff I want to get back to this week:
1. No shame stretching. I have injuries to my body and stretching is a big thing, but I feel ashamed when I stretch in front of my roommate so I'm done with hiding a natural thing.
2. Go back to walking.
3. Return to 30 minutes of DBT studies a day.
4. Continue therapy and DBT class.
5. Actually sit down with my crisis kit and play with stuff. I have Dots by Lego, PlayDoh, Silly Putty, bouncy balls, paddle balls, sticker puzzle, and my DBT book.
6. Painting every day when it's cool enough to do so.
What yall doing? Give me ideas!
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Re: Getting back to healing

Post by greendreamdays »

That's quite a lot to do in a week! I am trying to listen to more music. It helps me to relax. I'm partial to Chopin.
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Re: Getting back to healing

Post by Oceantide »

I play volleyball. It's social and good exercise and something I can improve at over time to give me more confidence.
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Re: Getting back to healing

Post by dancingfish »

What a lovely idea for a thread! I've found that I am very, very good at making plans that far exceed my capabilities, so currently I'm trying to just focus on one. :lol:

I've found something that makes a really big difference for me is getting outside, and some movement. So I've been trying to go for a walk every day, and/or if I'm getting overwhelmed or anxious etc. One where I walk at a steady pace and notice the things around me, which can sometimes take a little while but eventually it starts to happen.

I also picked up some embroidery threads and crotchet hooks/wool a while back as I'd like to have some sort of craft I can do in the evenings. They're still sitting in the basket of optimism for now though. ;) I do a bit of colouring though, simple shapes and pencils or Sharpies. :)
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Re: Getting back to healing

Post by there »

Letting my creativity live in me and find expression.
Live more and more by my own validation, especially validating myself when others are invalidating.

When others invalidate, I will remind myself that “invalidation’ comes from the word “invalid”. Someone who tries to invalidate me is expressing their state of disease. I don’t have to come down with it.

I visualize light surrounding my body. I remind myself that even though I am part of all that is, I have the absolute right to my body and mind. Inside this light, translucent hearts float all around me. When people try to invalidate me, I support myself with this visualization.
All women are beautiful. Period.
I deserve better than survival.
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Re: Getting back to healing

Post by Progress »

Shivty, I love this thread! I love everyone’s ideas!

And I’m still laughing literally out loud, at dancingfish’s comment:

“…still sitting in the basket of optimism.”

Hahaha, there’s so much truth and honesty and positivity in that little phrase. I have a bunch of things still sitting in My Basket of Optimism.

One of my daughters has ADHD and let me tell you, that child has an ENORMOUS Basket of Optimism! :-) Hey maybe I’ll go finish painting my ceramic frog. I’ll go check on my Basket of Optimism. Omg, I can’t stop saying Basket of Optimism. Lol

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