Shadow work/inner child

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Shadow work/inner child

Post by Pixieviking »

Hello all, I am just getting started on shadow work and healing my inner child. There are so many different sources and of course they all vary slightly. I have cptsd depression anxiety grief anger deep rooted shame need to forgive myself and others. Does anyone have any advice as to where I start with this stuff? I’m so ready to heal for me and my family but I want to do it the right way cuz I’ve been spinning my wheels on this fucking merry go round my whole life, it’s time to get off.
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Re: Shadow work/inner child

Post by Oceantide »

Hi Pixieviking,
I don't have experience with shadow work, but appreciate your efforts to learn from others' experiences. I got a lot of relief from toxic shame, guilt, depression, and anxiety from Al Anon (a 12 step group for friends and family of alcoholics/addicts) and from my therapist, who is trained in trauma and dissociative disorders. Here's to getting off the merry go round! It took me years of practice (12 steps/therapy) but most of the time I don't live there anymore.
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