I asked for help!

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I asked for help!

Post by FinallyFree »


Today I had a visit with my Doctor, and as we were finishing up, I asked him for help in finding a therapist. We sat down and talked for another 10 minutes about my reasons to ask for help, and we discussed several therapists in the area that he thought could help me. He was very considerate and understanding during our talk, and offered me his cellphone number if I just wanted someone to talk with. So now I get to start visiting the therapists to see what that will bring.

Keep strong my friends!
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Re: I asked for help!

Post by Watercolor »

Way to go, FinallyFree! That sounds like a giant step and one that went well! I'm also floored in a good way that he gave you his number! Hope you land just the right therapist.
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Re: I asked for help!

Post by orangeflower »

Hi FinallyFree, that sounds like a great step! I'm also surprised (in a good way) that he gave you his number. I hope you find a wonderful therapist!
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Re: I asked for help!

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Re: I asked for help!

Post by there »

That sounds amazing! How kind to offer you his cellphone number.
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