The Role of the Moderator

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The Role of the Moderator

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1. Why do we need moderators?

Moderators are essential for keeping the site safe for everyone is a unique website and one of the things that makes it so unique is the level of safety that the site provides.
Our clear and strong guidelines encourage sharing in a way that protects all members, creating an atmosphere of trust and respect. However the site is only as safe as it is because volunteers work hard behind the scenes to enforce these guidelines. If there were guidelines with no moderators, or moderators with no guidelines, isurvive would become a place where people need not be accountable for their words and deep hurt would go unchecked.

We want to ensure the site remains a place of honest communication and not one of criticism, hate speech or open attack.

2. Who are the moderators?

Moderators are caring survivors who wish to support others by offering time to moderate the site

Moderators are volunteers who offer their time to maintain the level of safety for which isurvive is so well known. They are survivors themselves who have reached a place in their healing journey that allows them to focus outwardly with respect to issues surrounding abuse and its affects. They are not therapists, nor do they have specialised training.

3. What do moderators do?

Moderators offer support and help maintain a sense of safety by;

• reading through the posts on the forums to which they are assigned
• responding with empathy and understanding
• helping to guide discussion in a meaningful, safe and positive manner
• offering suggestions on how to handle conflict and at times of crisis
• ensuring all members are heard
• editing trigger warnings
• editing posts which violate our guidelines
• moving posts to a more appropriate forum if necessary
• answering questions about the site
• directing members to resources for help
• reporting any concerns to the Director

4. How much time does moderating require?

Moderators need only offer as much time as they can spare, but we ask that you check in every 48 hours.

Our moderators are spread across the globe, which helps the site to have a moderator presence almost 24/7. This allows moderators to give the amount of time that makes sense for them within the framework of their lives.

There are monthly moderator meetings via UberConference call.
These last up to 1 hour and ensure our moderators are up to speed with current information.

5. What are the benefits of being a moderator?

This is unique to everyone, but here are some points to consider;

• the fulfilment of offering value back after gaining support during your own healing
• the joy of helping others
• the sense of being a part of something greater than yourself
• the connectedness to other members and moderators
• the peace of knowing you are helping fellow survivors
• the knowledge that you are providing a valuable service to many people

Please know that there is support available to you, as a moderator, at all times

If you would like to explore this further, and feel you have time to offer, then please get in touch:
You are important