Online Petition - trauma & dissociation

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Online Petition - trauma & dissociation

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Hi everyone

I have been approached by Jade Miller, who has started a petition on to have the requirements for a Master's degree in psychology changed to include in-depth study of trauma and dissociation. ... gy-degrees

Please join in support if you feel able.

“I believe this is really a crucial step for those in America who need help recovering from traumatic experiences. Currently it is possible to receive a Master's degree in psychology and know nothing about dissociation or the effects of trauma; those topics of study are purely optional. By making it a requirement at the Master's level, clinicians and those who are in helping roles will be more educated about how to help trauma survivors and those with dissociative issues.

I want to assure you that no donation is necessary to sign. is a platform for social change and they are not asking for any financial contributions. They do, however, ask for certain information when you sign the petition.
I have investigated the privacy policy and found that there are some options for those who are concerned about safety. You can choose to have your signature hidden from public view if you don't want that information to be displayed.
I would recommend that you take a look at the privacy policy as well if you have any concerns. (

Anyone who has any questions is also welcome to email me at any time

One of my passions is to advocate for the wellbeing of trauma survivors by looking at what is clearly not working in our society and asking for change. If we all work together I believe we can accomplish big strides in this.

There are already several big names in the trauma field on this petition - Dr. Colin Ross, Dr. David Yeung, Ellen P. Lacter - but the real stories that grab my heart are the survivors. I need everyone who is willing to join me to band together."

~ Jade
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Re: Online Petition - trauma & dissociation

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thanks jonesy good idea, i signed.
i suffered for years from well meaning therapists who were ignorant about this.
recover xo
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