Trauma, Dissociation & Recovery (UK)

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Trauma, Dissociation & Recovery (UK)

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Please not that this is a new course and contains different material to 'Living and Working with Dissociation'.

While this course seems to be primarily aimed at professionals, they also extend a welcome to ‘stable survivors’.

Whilst focusing more specifically on what has become to be known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), this training day will look at:

• how DID presents in the therapy room
• challenges for the therapist
• ways of working to foster collaboration and recovery
• the three-phase recovery plan
• is recovery possible?
• should you talk to ‘parts'?
• how can traumatic material be processed safely?
• what is ‘integration' and ‘fusion' and are they realistic and desirable outcomes?
• what part does disorganised attachment play and how can it be managed?

Dates as follows:

• 20 June 2015 - Huntingdon
• 27 June - Bradford
• 11 July 2015 - Sutton Coldfield
• 18 July 2015 - London
• 7 November 2015 - Crawley
• 28 November - Bristol
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