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‘Trauma and the Body: Somatisation and Dissociation’ (UK)

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 3:02 pm
by Jonesy
Trauma doesn't just affect the mind and the emotions. It profoundly affects the brain and the body too. Often ‘the body remembers' what the mind cannot.

This training day will explore why, to the best of current scientific knowledge, this happens, and most importantly, what can be done about it. We'll be looking at the impact of trauma on the body, and how it seems that the body can also be a key to unlocking the psychological issues of trauma.

Topics covered include:
• our relationship with and attitudes towards our bodies
• societal attitudes towards mental and physical illness
• the impact of trauma on the body — the autonomic nervous system: what actually happens physiologically
• the freeze response, dissociation and powerlessness
• stress and trauma-related disease, in particular diabetes, heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disorders
• chronic pain and opening and closing the ‘pain gate'
• somatisation: what happens when feelings aren't felt
• memory and trauma: the body remembers … but how?
• recovery and hope: what can we actually do?

Dates as follows:
• April, 18th - Darlington
• April, 25th – Brighton
• May, 23rd – Bristol
• October, 3rd – Belfast
• October, 17th - Birmingham

Re: ‘Trauma and the Body: Somatisation and Dissociation’ (UK

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:32 pm
by Couragetoday
Wow-that would be an amazing conference to attend!