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Re: Survivor to Thriver

Post by Kat »

River and Fleur, do you go through the manual with therapist?
I'm wondering would it be better than to try to go through it alone? I can't seem to get anywhere by myself.
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Re: Survivor to Thriver

Post by Fleur »

Hello Kat

I did the manual in a group setting facilitated by trained professionals - 1 a Social Worker the other was a Mental Health Case Manager

We discussed weekly portion of manual - for me , it kept uo momentum and gave me varyiing insights
However, there were some parts where I would have preferred to have taken longer

by being in group we were held acccountable for doing/applying home work or tasks set by facilitators
those who did most of the work got more out of sessions and were more positive/enthusiastic about group dynamics

parts I had trouble with were aired - i imagine had i been solo i would have given up because it was group perspective whixh often gave"aha" moments

If youbelong to a healing group you might suggest this as a worthwhile activity. Ihave known 12-srep groups to do so for example
If not -it could be useful to approach your local mental health clinic - it was via our town psych support service that the group was specifically formed as a finite entity

wish you well. Fleur
Onward to a safe community for all people in which to thrive ~ gentle hugs [if okay] ~ Fleur
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Re: Survivor to Thriver

Post by quixote »

That was valuable feedback.
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Re: Survivor to Thriver

Post by Helentracy »


I know there has been some years since this topic has been active. And still, the manual is here and available and I can understand how Chapter 2(about safety) may be challenging to go through. It takes courage to look at your pain and heal yourself from it. I am proud of you and applaud you and everyone who is going through or has already gone through the manual.

As for me, today I am feeling more sad about my past. And asking myself “why me? Why did it have to happen?” And somehow it seems that things could have been different. If I only.... and then I stop myself. I remember seeing somewhere that what has happened is not my fault. Maybe I can find it in any of the books...

And I think I am finding the words that resonate with me in the ASCA Statement of Philosophy:
“We hold our abusers responsible for the abuse, whomever they may be, for we, as children wanted only their love. We hold that only we are responsible for our lives as adults.”

I read the lines and I find meaning in them. I may not have known things and rules before, now I know and I forgive myself for not knowing earlier, and blaming and punishing myself and others. This is the time to heal. And I will go as fast as my slowest part can go.
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