The missives of mummers

For all members who enjoy writing poetry or who use poetry to express their strongest emotions.
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The missives of mummers

Post by Slyph » Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:20 am

Set upon by demons darker than my own desire

i entered freely, willing

to decieve as much as greive

Lost longs long lost now departed

rememberances of vile natural purging

only feircest reckoning consoles

In light of my revulsion and in self imposed seated exile

kneeling no longer to a barren throne

i fled to again to transcribe my life by acceptable means

Seeking only that which was expected i would not recover

i pulled up short in any case no unexpected pleasure there

I found my self abyssmal lost desite my gains

What once seemed pearl lies now rank with sadness crying

Sap seeps like crimson ooze through fractured pore and shell

It is my lot i lament

starved as I am aquainted

My hunger proffered fed

for all pretense lays wasted

Not sustanance to fill a peice

a grey and slender meger lot

to apease such grusome fever

I have come now to believe

only now,

that this life,

this unmentionable life,

is inescapable

This monstrous once adventure has now,

as with all nagging things in the world,

become a part of the very essence of who I am

or what i have become today

Having used every ounce of strength,

every miniscule touch of intellectual presence

i once thought I possessed

to try to reconcile this insidious hunger

to banish it into nocturnal dampness

or embrace it in my light,

i have been thus far ineffective

and remain so ....
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Re: The missives of mummers

Post by there » Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:56 pm

Your poem really drew me in, Slyph.
Thank you for posting it.
Reach for the stars. ---Christa McAuliffe

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