January sketches

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January sketches

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My grandmothers poem, called January sketches. Hope it’s ok to share.

Cold and snowy, glittering white
Or darkly grey with bitter bite
Days grow short, nights linger longer
Mercury drops in the thermometer
Waterford etchings on window pane
Wind whistles in shrill refrain
Shadows crouching beneath each tree
Till fading light sets them free

Sparrows fluffed against the coldness,
Wait and watch with cheeky boldness
Crimson faces, fingers blue, noses running
Could be flu?
Coats buttoned snug, chins pulled low
Snow piled high on each chapeau

Homes blazing hearths radiating heat
Steaming chocolate a fragrant treat
Sparks fly up on velvet smoke calling up dreams
Memories evoke

Snug with warmth I watch content the frigid
Storm with wonderment
My shivering body at last grows warm
And I can appreciate winters charm

(My grandmothers poem)
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