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My grandmother wrote this. I am not taking credit for this and not sure what the rules about sharing others poems are. If I need to delete it I will. My grandmother wrote many poems that she gave me before her death. I just started reading them again recently ever since I met with the psychic who connected me with my grandmother. This one is called “May”

May is morning
Dipped in coolness
Tender fresh

May is fragrance
Breathing out
Intoxicating senses

May is opal dawning
From blackest night
Hung with stars

May is crystal rain
Blessing earth
Bringing life

May is promise
From life’s creator
Of grace bestowed

May is hallelujah!
And amen!

Again, NOT my poem. My grandmothers poem. Am I allowed to share my grandmothers poems? If so, I’d like to share more.
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