Summary of my life (poetic version)

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Summary of my life (poetic version)

Post by ComplexDID »

This little one has got nothing left,
She was abandoned in the orphanage,
She had no one to be taken cared of,
No one came to her aid day and night,
She did everything alone by herself,
Innocent with no sexual knowledge,
Her heart was only filled with purity.

She was then being adopted as a baby,
She thought that her fathers would love her,
But the time when she was with them,
She was raped as a baby,
She was raped as a child,
She was raped as a teenager,
And molested throughout adulthood.
She thought her father loved her,
She thought her grandfather cared for her,
But she was being abused instead.
She had no knowledge to protect herself,
She had to endure the worst pain that no one would,
She had to fragment herself to not explode,
Being fatally exploded by the flashbacks,
She wanted out but they had full control,
They had everything out from her,
She got nothing.

One day she woke up and didn’t know what has happened,
She was robbed of her worth and value,
She didn’t know who she is,
She cried and no one had answered,
She almost died but no one has cared,
She thinks she is just an object,
Just to be born for abuse and be raped,
And molested and repeat it perpetually,
Who am I? I want to know!
I want to know the truth, she says.
I want to know who I am,
I want to know how I’ve survived,
I want to know justice,
But more importantly, I want to know who am I, she repeats.
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Re: Summary of my life (poetic version)

Post by GrowingTree »

Here listening and supporting you. I am glad that you have found this place. Sending gentle and safe care and only if okay, love your way. You matter.
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Re: Summary of my life (poetic version)

Post by GMB »

I carefully read your poem, and did my best to hear what you are saying.
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