Poetry from my morning walk

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Poetry from my morning walk

Post by Shirongnl »

The real monsters

Monsters are real
Though not the ones from myths and legends
Real monsters are worse
And they look like us
A monster from a story
Yes they will kill you
Drink your blood
Eat your brains
Drown you in the darkest depths of a lake
But real monsters
Now they will leave you worse than dead
They will take everything you treasure
Your trust, your innocence, your very soul
They will make you bleed from every office
Every vein and artery
They will soil your brain
Leave it rotton, scarred and damaged
They will drown your soul
But ensure that you stay breathing
They will take your innocence
Toy with what is meant to be special
They will make you trust then
Only to hurt you in unimaginable ways
They will leave you broken, damaged, scarred
Beginning for death but never giving you it
They will destroy all that makes you, you
Leave a scent on you
That makes it easier for other monsters to find you
And you will live
The remainder of your life in fear
In pain
In despair
And if they do kill you
It won't be to survive
Like the vampire or zombie you so fear
It will be because of your gender
Your skin colour
Your sexuality
Whatever makes you different, special, unique
They will snuff it out
Like the flame on a candle
So I beg anyone who hears this
Please let the next monster I face
Be one from myth or legend
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Re: Poetry from my morning walk

Post by Oceantide »

Your poem is very powerful and reveals the devil in the details. I wish you didn't know this reality. But we know you're telling the truth. May 2022 bring you comfort.
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