A poem

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A poem

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She threw herself into the arms of strangers
This is not me, she said. This cannot be me.
She felt her soul splintering
I will not be this girl, she said.
This girl who is so angry
This girl who is so sad
This girl who cannot control her body.
Shivery achy fever floating depression in her stomach
Head pounding, heart pounding
Throbbing in dirty places
She was alive.
She flickered through the lens distorted
She said, I am the loved child,
The oldest, the happy one,
I am the one on the water of the blue blue lake,
I am the one who holds my baby cousins
And sings them to sleep.
She said, this is not me.
I am protected. I am safe.
I have never been harmed.
Who is the girl who watches silently, scarcely breathing
Sweating and cold and hurting
Who is this one who never stops crying
She is not me!
Touch her she will fade away
She has a heart but it failed her
By continuing to beat.
She displayed her soul in public
She got what she deserved.
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Re: A poem

Post by Progress »

Your poem is so very moving PurpleButterfly.
Thank you for sharing it.

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