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Re: There: 2019

Post by there » Thu Jan 02, 2020 12:52 am

Hi, df and coconuts,

You came along in my pocket to the remnants of the ice sculptures, df. Tula and I ha a walk in the city.
People love to ask about her in the train.
We walked through a big indoor concourse/tourist trap/shopping area between hotels and tall buildings.
One bldg where my Dad worked and I went to see him several times. Sigh.

Yeah, the primal 'don't make waves ' thing. We all have it.
My brother gave up control to his wife, if he ever had it.
Plus, he lives in same town we grew up in. It's clearer to me now that his wife assumes she has it over me just like she does over him. I'm not sure I want to show up anymore.

Radical acceptance of my powerlessness to change or wake others up if the way they are serves them, as they seeit.
Radical acceptance of myself, which brings peace and possibilities.

Wow, 1st day of 2020. Time for a new thread, yup.
All women are beautiful. Period.
I deserve better than survival.

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