Disturbing Dreams

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Disturbing Dreams

Post by amg »

Can someone give me some encouragement ? I had 2 dreams that are unrelated to the trauma I experienced. The first one I had been drugged and got pregnant as an eleven year old. In the second it was female mutilation performed on me. I don't know where these dreams came from but needless to say its bothering me
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Re: Disturbing Dreams

Post by Qwerty »

Oh. I'm so sorry you are having these nightmares. The best encouragement I can offer is this: Our brains deal with trauma and stress through the subconscious in dreams and nightmares. Sometimes they are literal, other times they are figurative. Think of dreams like a library of books. You're stressed, you pick a book and it happens to be about Dr Jekel. Trauma. You pick another book and it's about candy canes dancing on rainbows. Beautiful and weird. Both can be equally disturbing.
Your brain can be telling you it just wants you to deal with past trauma lightly so as to not re-traumatize yourself, or to remind you of the ever present stranger danger.
Personally, i do get horrible night terrors. I'm still trying to get over one from a week ago. But it's fading in my memory and I'm glad of it.
I wish I had a magic pill to give you to get rid of nightmares.
Stay safe!
"We're not broken, just bent and we can learn to love again"
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