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Book Review: Dear Little Ones

Dear Little Ones

Dissociative Identity Disorder for Young Alters

By Jade Miller

This is a beautiful little book with a powerful message; easy to read and understand with soft, non-threatening illustrations.

The gentle words come from a caring ‘big sister’ perspective, trying to help little ones understand what’s going on for them within their team. It reinforces that the things that happened were not their fault and that they are safe now. Jade goes on to explain about the others inside, encourages team work and shares how each one is valuable with their own purpose. The notion is introduced that the little ones get to choose what will happen next, that their voice is important. Jade offers them suggestions on how to deal with those unmanageable big feelings and a reassurance that things will get better.

Equally valuable to share with a partner or friend, as a way of trying to help them understand what life is like for those living with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

This book is available to purchase on Amazon & Kindle