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4 Steps Vital to Releasing Old Family Patterns

By Claudia Black, PhD
Featured at,  August 22, 2014

This article helps us understand how to stop repeating those unhelpful behaviour patterns that many of us established in childhood years.

“Family-of-origin influences certainly seem destined to last a lifetime as we repeatedly fall easily into old family patterns,” writes Claudia Black. Whether we’re aware of them or not, repetitive habits and customs can shape our lives and influence our relationships. “These old patterns may just feel comfortingly familiar,” says Black.

There are ways of altering these patterns and the destinies we subconsciously create for ourselves, however. The article goes on to outline 4 key areas we need to address in order to make some positive changes:

  1. Explore Your Past
  2. Connect the Past to the Present
  3. Challenge Internalized Beliefs
  4. Learn new Skills

In order to move on from the past, we have to acknowledge it and connect it to what is happening in the present. Only then may we develop empathy and self-compassion. Change requires us to learn new skills and abandon belief systems we’ve long held—beliefs which may be self-defeating or holding us back from creating new patterns.

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