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Stories of Survivors

Incest to Where?

by Ruth Toby

Authorhouse (November 30, 2005)

INCEST TO WHERE? Is a true story of a Jewish woman who was brought up in a very strict orthodox home who, against her wish, is struggling to survive. In her agony, and confused judgment she continued to inflict hurt on herself by not knowing which path to follow in different stages of her life; she was ill-equipped with the necessary preparation for her life. All she had to learn from was her instinct. Her vulnerability stood out like a sore thumb for the unscrupulous to exploit. People, including the very famous, contributed in the dehumanization process of a fellow human being. Armed with a unique philosophy of life, born out of her experience, she hopes to confront reality and make meaning out of it. The wherewithal to achieve this is through her music. As long as the breath remains in her, she hopes for a better life.

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This Tangled Web

by Kate Swift

(Published 2010)

A collection of poetry and art on the subject of childhood sexual abuse written by the person who lived it and who now lives after it…the web is no longer so tangled and I certainly am not trapped by it. These poems are now yours to help you on your own journey. I am not totally ‘fixed’ but I am no longer totally broken.

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Why Me?

by Sarah Burleton

This short memoir gives accounts of some of the horrific child abuse the author experienced and survived. This first book on the topic by Sarah Burleton made it to the New York Times best selling list.

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Iron Man Family Outing

by Rick Beldon

This is a very amazing book of poetry written by men, each poem powerful or tragic but full of hope.

This book widely used in the United States and internationally by therapists, counselors, and men’s groups as an aid in the exploration of masculine psychology and men’s issues, especially for men who are adult survivors of childhood abuse.



The Healing Years (Documentary)

by Kathy Barbini

This powerhouse of a film profiles three strong, vibrant survivors of child sexual abuse who convincingly tell us — once and for all — that we must take back our lives. This documentary banishes shame & celebrates women’s power.

Kathy is offering the film to surviviors at a discounted rate of $20 (plus shipping), it is on a DVD.

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