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Chat Guidelines (Updated Jan 11, 2017)

Access the chat room

Our Polices & Terms and Updates

By accessing you are in agreement with our current Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability.

Please review the documents, if you have not already done so, before continuing to access and check our Disclaimers and Conditions of Use  and Forum Announcements regularly for any updates.

Please be aware that the Forum Guidelines are also applicable in the chat room.
Probation Before Chat
You are required to be an active posting member on the forums for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to seeking approval to use the chat room. We would like this time to gauge how you interact with other Members.


Please be aware that:
• You must contact the Director via email at to request access to chat. It is restricted to members only and through direct invitation from Jonesy
• Any Moderators who may be in the chat room are not there as therapists, their role is merely to support and help keep things organized and productive
• Transcripts of chat sessions will remain available for all members to read, should they desire, and transcripts of direct (private) messages can be checked for safety issues by an Administrator of
• Every precaution has been taken to protect your privacy but this can’t be guaranteed. Members using chat do so at their own risk


  • If you need to be away from chat for any length of time, we respectfully request that you log out rather than have Members wonder why you’re not responding
  • It is vital that you are the only person using your login details


Suicidal Feelings During Chat
If you choose to enter the chat room feeling at significant risk of suicide or self-harm, then we request you seek external help and support immediately. Discussions in the chat room remain uncensored and occur in real-time. This unedited content can be extremely graphic and of a sensitive nature. The topics discussed could trigger strong feelings and uncontrollable behaviour. You should not enter if such triggering content might cause you to harm yourself or someone else.


Direct (Private) Messages
If you wish to direct message someone within the room you must ask for their permission prior to doing so.

(Please do this each time in order that others within the room are aware of the situation).
Options for Avoiding Confrontation
1. If you think something you wish to discuss could be triggering, please draw it to the attention of those in the room before continuing.

2. If your words are causing another Member harm and you are asked to refrain from using them, then you need to:
• Find another way to express yourself (use less triggering words)
• Change the topic
• Leave chat

3. If you feel harmed or triggered by someone you can:
• Ask them to refrain from discussing the triggering subject
• Leave the chat or direct (private) message a Moderator (if available)
• Contact the Director via email at or Admin Support at


If you do not comply with our Terms, Conditions and Forum Guidelines then one or more of the following may result:

  • You will receive a warning from the Director
    • You may be asked to leave the chat room, if a Moderator is present
    • The Director will contact you and you may be immediately suspended from the chat room
    • A second violation will result in a second warning and a one-month suspension by the Director. Following this, it is your responsibility to contact the Director to have your access reinstated. A contract may be drawn up between yourself and the Director in order for you to continue to participate in chat
    • If you violate any of our Terms or Conditions of Use/Guidelines for a third time, you may be permanently banned from chat or our Website.

Access the chat room