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This is a place for old members to come and share how their healing journeys have progressed.
Its also a place for those members to reconnect and share their experiences.

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Re: still going on

Post by wolfspirit » Fri Nov 30, 2018 2:31 am

I am glad that you share and journal your journey. It helps me understand the ebb and flow of healing.
Also glad that post was not deleted this time. :)

I thought that story of your mother in her sun suit was both beautiful and heartbreaking.
Time and memory are such strange things in that they can incite so many feelings on their own.

I won't worry about you, but I do send comforting hugs, if okay. We carry our pain our whole lives and need others to help us bear it.

take care,

Wounds are where the light enters you.

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Re: still going on

Post by VAC » Wed Dec 19, 2018 5:01 am

Thanks W.S.

I have not been in denial about the betrayal I got from my folks.....I have been shocked at how deep it runs. It is not hatred, but like a rupture of the soul.

I am much better, but as my wife and I have discussed in past, neither of us can fathom harming our children or grandchildren.

When I feel the need, and I mean on a therapeutic/cathartic level, I go to the family cemetery and just stare at the stones. I have wondered what madness compelled them I know nothing about.

some travel, much to think about. Taking some bold steps that are probably 20 years late.

I see people's faces: this world is full of hurting people: fortunately most hurting people don't hurt.

I run from me and from the past, but I am gaining by degrees.


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