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Re: Meaningful Music

Post by Noname » Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:53 am

Song: Until You’re Big Enough
Mayday Parade
Album: Black Lines
Producer: Mike Sapone

If I bite the hook would you tell me I'm wrong?
Speak like a man who believes he's got no destiny
He's content
Troubles so great that you shouldn't have gone through
With a clarity I've never seen
I will build you up until you're big enough
To pick me up

Song: One of Us
Mayday Parade
Album: Black Lines
Producer: Vince Ratti

You've gotta fight the beast inside
And all the while enjoy the ride
You've gotta keep an open mind
And willingness to change
Well God knows I've changed
I talk like I'm wounded now
I walk like I don't know how
Maybe I could re-teach myself
One foot in front of the other one

You're one of us, here's exactly what you'll need to make it through
Good times and hard times
We're here to fight for you
March along
Don't forget to tell the ones you love they matter
When you break the bend
Fall off again
You'll find your love where it's always been

Song: Satellite
Gabbie Hanna
Album: GH1
Producer: Dylan Gardner

Guess I gotta be content with playing in the darkness
A lovely place to hide
Oh, but hide and seek is only fun if, if somebody's looking
And nobody's got the time

Or, maybe I'm too quick to pass the blame
Maybe I should ask someone to play

I'm a satellite
I'm a satellite
I'm on the outside, lookin' in
They don't know just where I've been
I'm a satellite
I'm a satellite
I'm a satellite
I can make it on my own, the fallen star of a one-man show
I'm a satellite

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