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4 Steps Vital to Releasing Old Family Patterns, September 2014

Why Survivors Need Each Other, July 2014 

Abuse Will Not Define Me, April 2014

A Guide to Seeking Justice and Compensation: For Victims of Child Abuse, December 2014

The Story of Chiquitta – Suffering in Silence No More, December 2014

The Beauty of isurvive – Loveliness, February 2015

5 Tips for Helping a Depressed Friend or Loved One, March 2015

Working With Your Inner Child to Heal Abuse, March 2015

Parenting While Depressed: 10 Things to Remember, May 2015

How to Choose a Counselor or Therapist, June 2015

Commitment to Recovery, June 2015

The Power of Forgiveness, June 2015

Tips for Battling the Winter Blues, April 2016

Depression – Some Supportive Resources, April 2016

An Author’s Dark Past as Inspiration, April 2016

Every Person Has a Story – Tarese’s Story, April 2016

How Childhood Trauma Can Create Lifelong Adult Addicts, October 2016

Why It’s Imperative to Seek Help After Emotional Abuse, October 2016

Talking Therapy and Abuse Survivors: Does it Help or Hinder the Healing Process?, October 2016

My Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse, April 2017



Book Reviews

Dear Little Ones, Dissociative Identity Disorder for Young Alters (July 2015)

We Have Come Far, June 2014

Blog Posts

Why You’re Braver Than You Think, August 2014

Recovery from Abuse: the Search for Information/Validation, June 2014

Are We There Yet?, February 2015

Why It’s Imperative to Seek Help After Emotional Abuse

Author: Trisha Miller Even long after emotional or physical abuse has ended, the effects will remain. A single bout of abuse can change a person’s mental state forever. However, redetermining the course of your life, who you are as a person, and how to maintain healthy relationships is a gift that every person deserves to […]

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Are We There Yet?

I must confess that for part of my healing journey – no, wait, let’s be honest, pretty much all of it so far – I have been somewhat of an unwilling participant. I have been in and out of therapy more times than I can count over the past decade and each time, I go […]

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My Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Some surprising ways I have healed from childhood sexual abuse  You’ve made that first difficult, brave but significant step and told someone about the sexual abuse or rape you have endured. Perhaps you have progressed further and received some therapy. At this point I hope you have come further than you could have ever imagined […]

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Book Review: Dear Little Ones

Dear Little Ones Dissociative Identity Disorder for Young Alters By Jade Miller This is a beautiful little book with a powerful message; easy to read and understand with soft, non-threatening illustrations. The gentle words come from a caring ‘big sister’ perspective, trying to help little ones understand what’s going on for them within their team. […]

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Every Person Has a Story – Tarese’s Story

Hello, I just wanted to reach out and send you a message. I am an adult survivor of Childhood abuse. I suffered extreme depression, I was a self-harmer, and I suffered from an eating disorder. I never thought hope was possible, I never thought I would be able to live a normal life, or even achieve any dreams. I […]

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Depression – Some Supportive Resources

Depression – Some Supportive Resources By Patricia Sarmiento Did you know that there are almost 350 million people worldwide who suffer from depression? Men, women and even children can fall victim to this mental health issue. What’s worse is that depression can lead to other devastating issues including alcoholism, obesity and insomnia. Depression isn’t something we can simply […]

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